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Húsavík is the largest town in Norðurþing, that is located in Northeast Iceland. The small town has more than 2,200 inhabitants, and the towns main source of income is from; fishing, fish, various public services, various service industry, agriculture and services to tourists. But of course the main tourist attraction that most people visit the place for is to see some whales, you can go whale watching and see some magnificent whales jumping around in the icy cold water just outside Húsavík, the reason why Húsavík is the centre of whale watching in Iceland is due to many species that visit the bay frequently such as the Humpback whale, dolphin, blue whale and the porpoise.They also have a delightful little museum about whales and a museum about the astronauts that trained around Húsavík for the Apollo 13 mission in 1960’s which is called, The Exploration Museum. I’ve been there one or two times if I remember right and its a very lovely place with humble people that I  recommend checking out someday.

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