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Icelandic Christmas.

Þorláksmess – St. Thorlagur’s Day – December 23rd.
The Icelandic Christmas all starts 23rd December when it’s the last day you can by you’re loved ones presents, but do not fear because many stores are open til midnight on this day, after you’ve got the presents figured out you can eat the traditional skata or skate, from there you are suppose to decorate you’re tree and that’s Þorláksmessa in a nutshell.


Aðfangadagur – Christmas Eve / Yule Eve. December 24th.
Back in the old’n days the Icelandic tradition was to celebrate Christmas Eve 6:00 pm a clock because that was when the new day started at 6:00 pm not midnight, after people have had there evening meal the kids can open the presents under the Christmas tree, this is when the Yule Lads celebration starts.


Jóladagur – Christmas Day / Yule Day. December 25th.

I can remember this day quite vividly in the past, this by far is my favorite day because of all good memories I’ve made on this day with my family, the tradition of this day are usually to eat Hangikjöt or a leg of roast lamb also there is a type of bird called Rjúpa which is often served this time of year and then there is the famous well not famous exactly but the known Laufabrauð or leaf bread is quite frequently eaten on this day and every family has it’s own way of making it.


Annar Jóladagur – Boxing Day – December 27th.
This is another day for eating really good food with you’re family, public entertainment is considered inappropriate on Yule Eve and Yule Day so now you can dance your ass off again in public!


Gamlárskvöld / Nýársdagur – New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day – January 1st.

This day is kinda like a fantasy dream the traditions on this day are quite magical to say the least these are a few of them! Seals take on human form, the dead rise from their graves, and the Elves can move houses. Oh yeah did I mention that cows are meant to be able to talk on this day quite interesting haha! Bonfires have been lit on Gamlárskvöld since the late 1700’s, also if you’re looking for a extravagant place to be, go to hallgrímskirkja where fireworks are displayed to the maximum so enjoy you’re Christmas and have a happy holiday… oh wait there is one more day!


Þrettándinn – Twelfth Night – January 6th.

This sadly is the last day of Yule, but celebrated with bonfires, elfin dances and many of the magical traditions that I mention’ed on New Year’s Eve, there is also a bonfire that is displayed on this day. Well that’s all folks hope you enjoyed my small blog about the Icelandic Christmas traditions and such, hope you have a wonderful holiday here in Iceland and it would be fun if you could give me some feedback on this blog, Marry Christmas/ Gleðileg Jól :).







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