Laugardalur Valley!

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This place has a lot of fun activities, like swimming in the Laugardalslaug which by the way is open all year round. They have a wonderful Zoo which features most Icelandic animals from foxes, reindeer and seals to cattle, horses and pigs. There is a play area in the Zoo where you can go on a mini roller coaster, swinging games, giant pirate ship that you can take you’re kids to, to play. Iceland’s main sports stadium is located in Laugardalur valley, which is most used for football or soccer as the Americans would say. In the area near by their is a stadium Laugardalshöll that is used for handball, concerts, trade shows, exhibitions, and Laugardalshöll also provided the famous 1972 World Chess Championship game, where Bobby Fischer defeated the Russian Boris Spassky. So go check out the place if you have time!




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