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The west side of Iceland is filled with wonderful little towns, like Stykkishólmur. The small town of 1100 inhabitants has various museums, hotels and other things alike. First and far most if you’re planing on going to Stykkishólmur remember to come well clothed, like most places in Iceland. The Library of Water (by Roni Horn) is a lovely little local museum that you should check out, also another interesting museum is the Eldfjallasafn Volcano Museum which holds various valcano art works old and new also very interesting volcanic eruption art works as well as objects, artifacts and unique volcano rocks from Haraldur Sigurdsson’s collection, who has been researching volcanoes world wide for forty years. The oldest meteorological station in Iceland is located in this little town, it was first manned in 1845. Good swimming facilities and hot tubs are avaliable in Stykkishólmur. I’ve only been to the town for a couple short stays when I was going to Flatey which is a small island located a bit from Stykkishólmur, the people at the town are nice and the food is pretty good, I myself can’t say that much about the place but as I said when I was there it was lovely.





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