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Vestmannaeyjar has a rather interesting history and I would like to tell you a bit about it. The name and founding of Vestmannaeyjar is traced back 875 AD when a man named Ingólfur Arnarson had newly arrived to Iceland, when his blood brother Hjörleifur was betrayed by his slaves and murdered. Ingólfur Arnarson then sailed to Vestmannaeyjar and got revenge by killing all the slaves, thus the name Vestmannaeyjar (men of the west) and the establishment of the island. Vestmannaeyjar was captured by barbary pirates on the 16th of July 1627 when a fleet of three ships came and captured the island for three days, they took with them 234 people from the island back to Algeria, some never returned back to Iceland. There was one man that managed to return in 1628 and actually wrote a book about his experience in Algeria and being a slave. Then in 1636 ransom was paid for 34 of the captives, after the raiding the island decided to make a small fort with an armed guard to keep the island safe from another future raid, luckily that didn’t happen again. Every Icelander knows about the volcano eruption that happened January 1973 when a Eldfell erupted and 5,000 of the people had to evacuate the island.

Things to do in Vestmannaeyjar. There is a yearly festival held at the island called Þjóðhátíð where music artists from Iceland come and perform their music. Vestmannaeyjar has a lovely swimming pool, 18 par golf pitch, small Aquarium and a museum about the eruptions that acquired on the island. but if you don’t like that kinda stuff you can also go on an amazing bird watching tour or have a nice meal and a beer at 900 Grillhús, and watch their football team “ÍBV” play top level Icelandic football on hásteinsvöllur. In a quick summary Vestmannaeyjar is a lovely place to visit and I do recommend going their someday.


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